About Us


 Barbecue Enthusiast and Host of the I Crush Barbecue Show, Abe Delgado shares his exploration of the World of Barbecue. A Native of Abilene Texas, Abe also Spent 17 years in Austin before relocating to Southern California in 2017.  He soon began missing his Texas Barbecue, so he started Exploring California's BBQ Scene.  To his surprise he found a thriving community of talented underground BBQ Pitmasters across Southern California.  Abe shares those and many other BBQ stories through his Podcast which he started in 2019.  Always a Fan first, he travels to get first hand knowledge of the Up and Coming Barbecue Joints, Thriving Businesses and everything in between. His Goal for this self-funded passion is to Grow the BBQ Community by spreading the BBQ Love.  "If I can help a business get one extra customer, I'm happy!"  

Proceeds of any Purchase made will go back into the cycle of supporting our BBQ Joints!